Compressive Signal Processing with Circulant Sensing Matrices

Diego Valsesia, Enrico Magli

39th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Firenze, Italy, May 4-9, 2014


Compressive sensing achieves effective dimensionality reduction of signals, under a sparsity constraint, by means of a small number of random measurements acquired through a sensing matrix. In a signal processing system, the problem arises of processing the random projections directly, without first reconstructing the signal. In this paper, we show that circulant sensing matrices allow to perform a variety of classical signal processing tasks such as filtering, interpolation, registration, transforms, and so forth, directly in the compressed domain and in an exact fashion, i.e., without relying on estimators as proposed in the existing literature. The advantage of the techniques presented in this paper is to enable direct measurement-to-measurement transformations, without the need of costly recovery procedures.

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